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Laurie Smith, Owner

LMT/ Cosmetologist

Massage therapy can play a pivotal role in the way we approach our health concerning mind and body. Laurie Smith has been in the health and wellness field for 10+ years. In her experience she found that circulation and relaxation are key factors for living your life to the fullest.  Laurie believes that therapeutic massage can improve and drastically change your quality of life. She works closely with individuals who have auto-immune disorders, migraines and pinched nerves in the neck, spine and hips.  Laurie values alternative forms of physical healing over pharmaceuticals and goes to great lengths to help her clients avoid them. 



Leea Betta

LMT/ Naturopath

Leea is an incredibly skilled therapist who values continued education and applies her knowledge in every session. Some of Leea's accomplishments include Cupping, AromaTouch Therapy, Fascia Release and Certified Natural Health Consultant.  Leea started at Barefoot Beach Spa just months after it's opening and has been a valuable asset and friend throughout this journey.

After nearly 4 years with Barefoot Beach, Leea is an integral part of the rebranding. Leea's gift for therapeutic massage makes her one of the best at the lake!



Sophie Ketner

LMT/ Certified Reflexologist

Sophie has been a licensed therapist for nearly 15 years.  She spent the majority of her career at Spa Shiki before making the break to come to Barefoot Beach.  Sophie's natural ability to find the positive and bring out potential in all people make her the liquid gold on this new journey.

Sophie is a certified reflexologist, deep tissue specialist and was a finalist for best massage therapist at the lake for 2022



Sheryl Hansen

Receptionist/ Bookkeeper

Sheryl is the glue that holds our team together.  She keeps the books, the schedules, the place clean and the owner sane!  Sheryl came to Barefoot Beach as a favor to the owner and is the MVP of this journey. 

Sheryl loves her family and travels often to be with her grandchildren for special occasions and events.

In her spare time Sheryl is a business manager for dance studios in Eureka and Fenton, Missouri.


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