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Chronic Inflammation (cont.)

In my last post I ended with the lifestyle change that worked for me. I gave you a little insight to conditions (hypothyroidism) that led to my search for a diet that wouldn't leave me feeling rundown and would ultimately eliminate the constant pain I was suffering.

I'm not saying that 'keto' is for everyone. In fact there are variations of low carb, high protein diets that will work just fine. I will tell you that the number one killer in America is SUGAR. It causes a multitude of problems such as obesity, diabetes and inflammation. I know that the process of deleting sugar from a diet can leave some feeling hopeless. I often hear "that's impossible" or "I can't live without my donuts and pumpkin spice latte in the morning" and I get it, I really do. You have to want to change. You have to WANT to feel good. The definition of insanity is repeating the same things over and over and expecting different results. For many years I was insane. It wasn't until I turned 50 that I had an epiphany. That epiphany being, I wanted to be around a little while longer. I wanted to experience things from my own two feet and not from a wheelchair. I wanted to walk from my car into the grocery store without feeling short of breath. You have to want to get there!

For me it was simple. I said "okay, today (I started on a Monday because it just felt right) I start a new journey." I kept it very very simple as to not overwhelm myself with recipes and structure.


With simple in mind, I bought eggs and hardboiled them. I bought bacon, chicken, steak, shrimp and fish. I bought string cheese. I bought salad stuff and veges to put on my salad. I bought handy grab and go meats. P3 makes a good snack that has a meat, a cheese and a small portion of nuts. I didn't limit my portions. It was already hard enough making dietary changes. I ate as much as I wanted of the dietary guidelines minus overdoing nuts and berries. Just like I did, YOU can do this! I am here for support. You can contact me through email, phone or come to the shop. In the future I might hold meetings or do zoom calls. Whatever you need I'm here for YOU!!

In my next post I am going to bring you through my first 2 weeks on keto. You will see that it was messy but you will also see that I did not stray from the original format. For anything to become a habit you have to stick to it for 21 days. And every day will get easier. I PROMISE. Also, if you do get sidetracked from the parameters, DON'T GET DISCOURAGED. While it's not a ticket to go hog wild, you can recover quickly and get right back on track!!

I will post my next blog shortly... until then, you have a choice to make! I am hoping that you choose YOU.

I want to choose ME starting:

  • Today. I'm tired of feeling rundown and sick

  • January 2nd. The holidays are no time to make a change

  • Never! I can't live without fast food and soda pop!

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