Unique  Services at the Center

Naturopathy with Leea Betta

Ever wonder why you feel sluggish, moody and downright exhausted?  Book this unique service with Leea Betta and find out why!  In this service Leea will do some testing and give you a full analysis on natural ways to give your life the boost that it needs.  Start feeling better today!


Assisted Stretch with Jimmy Patton

We all need to stretch those shortened muscles but most of us don't know how and if we do, we can't do certain stretches without assistance.  Jimmy is a stretch professional who's goal is to ease and lengthen tightened muscles.  Look for our summer combo special on the homepage and book today!


Reflexology with Sophie Ketner

Reflexology is an effective way of breaking up uric acid that settles in the feet.  The build up of U.A. can cause serious health issues.  Using specific pressure points, reflexology can also help with headaches, nausea and sinus related issues.  For a truly unique experience book with Sophie today!


Sonic Massage with Laurie Smith

Sonic Massage therapy is the application of sound waves both on and off the body using "singing bowls." The waves stimulate the blood flow deep in your body tissue and begin your natural healing processes. Don't miss out book your Sonic Massage appointment with Laurie Smith today!